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Key Features & Specifications
- Frequency range: 12,4...18,0 GHz
- Maximum SWR: 1,15:1
- Attenuation accuracy: 0,2% or 0.1 dB (whichever is greater)
- Attenuation range: 0...50 dB
- Maximum power (CW): 5 Watts
- Waveguide designator: EIA WR-62 MIL-W-85/1-090
- Flange designator: UG-419/U MIL-F-3922/70A-008
The attenuation value of this direct-reading, precision attenuator depends on the rotation angle of the resistive card, rather than on the resistivity value of the attenuating material. Therefore, it is insensitive to changes in temperature and humidity which can affect the resistive card of ordinary adjustable flap attenuators. The attenuation value is highly accurate and is stable from 0 to 50 dB. The instrument features large, easy-to-read dials, and can handle considerable microwave power.
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